This crisis was a birthplace for change,
a crossroads where choices had eternal consequences…

Suzanne’s husband, James, with red rose in hand, gallantly proposes an overland journey right through the heart of Africa. Two years later, the pair set off from London in an old, ex-British army, Austin Healey jeep, bound for Africa. Madly in love and full of youthful enthusiasm, the happy couple began the ‘epic journey of a lifetime’.

They travel over 14,000 miles across scorching sands of the Sahara desert, through hostile African nations, without mobile telephones, email or any sophisticated form of communication, on a shoestring budget, that would wring out of them the utmost resourcefulness in the months that followed.

Their friends all envied their brave and daring pursuit, but no one was to know the perils that awaited them. Could they survive the challenges of the arid, unforgiving African landscape?

Through many treacherous adventures, this young couple’s resolve is brutally tested: lost and alone in the vast African desert, without even a compass for help. Will they find their way? Violently ill with symptoms of malaria, will James survive? Sliding downwards on slippery ice towards a sheer cliff face. Will Suzanne live? Lack of food and water over exposure to heat. Will she overcome in the end? But Suzanne’s battles don’t end there. In reality, they’ve only just begun!… This compelling story is the tale of one woman’s search for peace in the midst of calamity and suffering.

You can purchase Could I Survive from Koorong

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